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The ACCELERATOR DIVISION of the LABORATORI NAZIONALI DI LEGNARO runs the local ion beam accelerators which are made available to a national and international user community, i.e. the heavy ion accelerator complex TANDEM - ALPI - PIAVE, mainly devoted to fundamental nuclear physics investigations, and the Van de Graaf electrostatic accelerators CN and AN2000, mainly devoted to interdisciplinary physics and applications.

The division is involved in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of future accelerator facilities at INFN-LNL. Of particular relevance is the SPES project, for a local exotic beam facility for both fundamental and applied science purposes.

The division also takes part in the construction and commissioning of particle accelerators, developed in international collaboration frameworks such as IFMIF-Eveda, European Spallation Source, MUNES, ITER-NBI; more generally, it performs R&D activity in the field of particle accelerators.

The division is structured in seven units: Machine Operation, RF and Vacuum, Sources and Injectors, Beam Physics, Exotic Beams, Accelerators Control, Interdisciplinary Physics.


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