LNL - IReS (LEA) Workshop on

Gamma Spectroscopy with the Clover Array coupled to PRISMA

Legnaro - Padova, Italy

February 5 - 6, 2003

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Wednesday, February 5 - Sala Villi, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
9:30 First morning session - Chairperson: Giacomo de Angelis
  Augusto Lombardi (LNL) Status of the Piave injector for ALPI accelerator
  Andres Gadea (LNL) Performances of the Clover array coupled to Prisma and project scheduling
  Giovanni Pollarolo (Torino) Pairing and multinucleon transfer reactions
  Coffee Break
11.25 Second morning session - Chairperson: Santo Lunardi
  Lorenzo Corradi (LNL) Multinucleon transfer reactions with Prisma
  Roy Lemmon (Daresbury) Nuclear structure with heavy ion inelastic scattering and transfer
  Jerzy Dudek (Strasbourg) Tetrahedral/octahedral symmetric nuclei as a possible new avenue in nuclear structure research
12.50 Lunch
Wednesday, February 5 - Sala Villi, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
14.30 First afternoon session - Chairperson: Daniel R. Napoli
  Rafal Broda (Krakow) Spectroscopy of 48Ca and its closest neighbors: new prospects opened by the PRISMA spectrometer
  Xiaoying Liang (Paisley) A study of neutron-rich nuclei using deep-inelastic processes
  Faisal Azaiez (Strasbourg) Why going to higher spin in nuclei of the island of inversion ?
  Coffee break  
16.30 Second afternoon session - Chairperson: Dominique Curien
  Florent Haas (Strasbourg) Search for Gamma Decay of Molecular States
  Patrick Regan (Surrey) In-beam and isomer deep-inelastic spectroscopy of the A~100 Region using GAMMASPHERE and CHICO
17.25 Visit of Prisma  
19.00 Reception  
20.30 Bus Leaves for Hotels  
Wednesday, February 6 - Sala Villi, Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
9:30 First morning session - Chairperson: Claes Fahlander
  Mario Sandoli (Napoli) The EXOTIC project and some research opportunities with light exotic beams
  Sotirios Harissopulos (Athens) Dynamical Symmetry studies with CLARA
  Andrea Jungclaus (Madrid) Deformation and shape coexistence in neutron-rich mass 30-40 nuclei: Experimental and theoretical status - future perspectives
  Coffee Break  
11.20 Second morning session - Chairperson: Roberto Menegazzo
  Davide Sarchi (Milano) Multiple response function in n-rich Sn isotopes
  Giovanna Benzoni (Milano) High-k Rotational bands in neutron rich Hf isotopes via deep inelastic reactions
  Volker Werner (Köln) Simple E2 relations in the Q-Phonon scheme
12.30 Concluding remarks  
12.50 Lunch - End of Workshop
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