LNL - IReS (LEA) Workshop on

Gamma Spectroscopy with the Clover Array coupled to PRISMA

Legnaro - Padova, Italy

February 5 - 6, 2003

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General Information
The workshop on "Gamma Spectroscopy with the Clover Array coupled to PRISMA" (CLARA-WS2003) will be held in the "Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro", Legnaro (Padova), Italy from February 5 to 6, 2003.

The Laboratory is located 8 km South - East of Padova. A bus transfer will be organized from hotels in Padova to the conference site.

It will be jointly organized by the INFN Padova, INFN Legnaro, and IReS Strasbourg (France) within the LEA scientific exchange program.

The aim of the workshop is to open discussions on gamma-ray spectroscopy and nuclear structure employing the Clover Array coupled to PRISMA and stable ion beams. The sessions will be partly covered by invited speakers and partly by oral presentations selected from the abstracts that will be submitted.

Clover Array Info
With the development of radioactive nuclear beams, the nuclear structure studies of nuclei far from the stability valley, in particular of neutron rich nuclei, have become one of the main goals of experimental and theoretical nuclear physics. High intensity beams of stable ions are also an alternative to produce both proton rich and moderately neutron rich nuclei. Quasi-elastic or multi-nucleon transfer reactions can be used to populate moderately neutron rich nuclei along shell closures where nuclear structure calculations predict radical changes in the shell structure. However, due to the large number of reaction channels opened in this reactions the interesting signals have to be sifted out of a very large background.

The coupling of an array of Clover detectors with the PRISMA spectrometer is very well suited for studying the nuclear structure of moderately neutron rich nuclei, populated at relatively high angular momentum, by means of binary reactions such as multinucleon transfer and deep inelastic. The project will benefit largely from the stable beams, at medium and high intensity, which will be available from the PIAVE+ALPI complex, following its commissioning in spring 2003.

PRISMA is a large acceptance magnetic spectrometer for heavy ions, now in the commissioning phase at LNL. It has been designed for A = 50-200, E = 5-10 MeV*A heavy-ion beams of the XTU Tandem-ALPI-PIAVE accelerator complex. The most interesting features of PRISMA are the large solid angle of 80 msr; the +/-10% momentum acceptance; a mass resolution of 1/300 via TOF. It can also be rotated around the target in a large angular range (-20 to +130 degrees).

The above performance will be achieved by software reconstruction of the ion tracks using the position, time and energy signals from the entrance and focal-plane detector.

The performance of the Clover array has been estimated by Monte-Carlo simulation techniques under the kinematic conditions expected when measuring with PRISMA. From these calculations we have obtained the following performance figures: total peak efficiency ~3.3% for a gamma energy of 1.3 MeV; peak/total ratio ~50% and energy resolution below 10 keV for v/c=10% and gamma energy of 1.3 MeV.

Participants are requested to fill the registration form before January 24, 2003. If you experience any difficulties with the online registration e-mail your request directly to If you plan to submit a contribution, please include it in the registration form.

There is no registration fee.

Participants will be accommodated in various hotels in Padova. All information about accommodation and hotel reservation will be emailed after registration.

A shuttle service has been organized that will bring You from Padova to the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro and back during the workshop.

Meeting point information:

  • Wednesday, February 5

    • 8.15-8.25 in front of Hotel Monaco, near the railway station (see map)
    • 8.40-8.50 Piazza del Santo (see map)

    • ~20.30 Return trip to Padova

  • Thursday, February 6

Besides invited talks covering the setup characteristics and different physics topics, oral presentations are foreseen. People planning to use the Clover Array coupled with Prisma or having new experimental or theoretical ideas in connection with the structure studies to be performed with this setup are encouraged to send contributions. The selected contributions will be made availabe as a slide collection at the end of the workshop.

In order to schedule the interventions you are kindly requested to submit your title and a short abstract with the registration form.

Due to the very strict time schedule, the deadlines for registration and contributions is January 24, 2003.

The practice for hotel reservation is started by the registration.