Nuclear Structure with Large Gamma Arrays

Status & Perspectives

Legnaro - Padova, Italy

September 23 - 27, 2002

University of Padova
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The conference on "Nuclear Structure with Large Gamma - Arrays: Status & Perspectives" (NS2002) will be held in Legnaro (Padova), Italy from September 23 to 27, 2002. It will be jointly organized by the Department of Physics of the University of Padova, INFN Padova and INFN Legnaro. The program will cover recent achievements and perspectives in nuclear structure physics with large gamma arrays and related topics, including the most recent theoretical studies on the subject.
Conference Location
The conference will be held at the INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro beginning on Monday morning, September 23. All sessions of the last day, September 27, will take place at the historical "Palazzo del Bo", University of Padova, in the center of the town.

Sunday, September 22 (Caffè Pedrocchi - Padova) 18:00 - 20:00 Registration and Reception
Monday morning, September 23 (Legnaro) 9:30 Begin Formal Sessions
Wednesday, September 25 Conference Excursion to Venice
Thursday afternoon, September 26 (Legnaro) 15:40 Poster Session
Friday afternoon, September 27 (Palazzo del Bo - Padova) 17:00 End Formal Sessions

The Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro are located 8 km south - est of Padova. A bus transfer will be organized from hotels in Padova to the conference site: the time table and meeting points can be downloaded as PDF file (file size 1 MB).

Detailed travel information can be found at the INFN - Sezione di Padova and INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro web pages.

Scientific Program
The theme of the conference will be the physics (latest results and developments) with large arrays of gamma detectors. Adequate space will be given to recent highlights in the field of high-spin states and exotic nuclei lying far from stability that have been obtained with Euroball, Gammasphere, GASP and other arrays. Prospects related to the use of newly built arrays in connection to radioactive beam facilities and to the future tracking arrays will be discussed.

The main topics of the conference are:

High spin states and superdeformation
Nuclear structure far from stability
Nuclear reactions studied by means of gamma-rays
Nuclear physics with radioactive ion beams
New developments in gamma-ray detection

Each topic will be covered by some invited speakers and by oral presentations selected from all abstracts submitted to the conference. The scientific program will be prepared by the local organizing committee with the help of an international advisory board.

D. Ackermann (GSI) Reaction mechanism studies using the CN/ER spin distribution
A. Algora (Valencia) Beta decay studies using total absorption gamma spectroscopy techniques
C. Baktash (Oak Ridge) Gamma ray spectroscopy with radioactive ion beams
P. Bednarczyk (Strasbourg) Collectivity and single particle degrees of freedom; studies of light f7/2 nuclei at EUROBALL IV and recoil filter detector
P.G. Bizzeti (Firenze) Critical-point behaviour of axially deformed nuclei in the octupole degree of freedom
F. Brandolini (Padova) Rotational bands and alignments in the 1f7/2 shell
P. von Brentano (Köln) Isospin doublet in nucleus 54Co
R. Broda (Kracow) Hard-to-reach nuclei studied with deep-inelastic heavy ion reactions: some old and some new results
R.A. Broglia (Milano) Pairing in exotic nuclei
R.F. Casten (Yale) New descriptions of phase/shape transition regions in nuclei
A. Dewald (Köln) Shape changes and test of the critical point symmetry X(5) in N=90 nuclei
G. Duchêne (Strasbourg) An alternate gamma-tracking method using identical quasi-cubic segments
J. Dudek (Strasbourg) New understanding of the population and possibilities to observe the nuclear hyper-deformation
J.L. Durell (Manchester) Two quasi-particle bands in neutron-rich nuclei
J.L. Egido (Madrid) Behaviour of shell effects with the excitation energy in atomic nuclei
P. Fallon (Berkeley) GAMMASPHERE results on nuclei at high spins
G. de France (Ganil) Gamma-ray spectroscopy studies at GANIL: status and perspectives
A. Gadea (Legnaro) The clover detector array for the PRISMA magnetic spectrometer
A. Gargano (Napoli) Realistic shell-model study of nuclei around 132Sn
G. Georgiev (Ganil-Leuven) g-factors of isomeric states in the neutron rich nuclei
J. Gerl (GSI) Future nuclear spectroscopy with RISING and AGATA
P.T. Greenlees (Jyväskylä) In-beam spectroscopy at the RITU gas-filled separation
E. Gueorguieva (Cape Town) New nanosecond isomers identified with the AFRODITE array
G.B. Hagemann (Copenhagen) Wobbling phonon excitations in strongly deformed triaxial nuclei
G.D. Jones (Liverpool) Recent experiments using the high efficiency internal conversion electron array-SACRED
A. Jungclaus (Madrid) High-spin study of the vibrational nuclei 112,114Cd
W. Korten (Saclay) Highlights from physics at EUROBALL
Th. Kröll (Legnaro-München) Gamma-ray tracking with the MARS detector
M. Ionescu-Bujor (Bucharest) Spectroscopic quadrupole moment of a magnetic-rotational band head in 193Pb
A. Lopez-Martens (Orsay) Gamma-decay and feeding of superdeformed states
A. Maj (Kracow) Search for Jacobi transitions and fission limits in light nuclei
N. Marginean (Bucharest-Legnaro) Forward on the N=Z line with GASP
M. Matsuzaki (Fukuoka) Dynamical moments of inertia associated with wobbling motion in the triaxial superdeformed nucleus
B. Million (Milano) Study of thermally excited nuclei through E1 and E2 decay from collective modes
T. Nakatsukasa (Sendai) Giant resonances in the deformed continuum
W. von Oertzen (Berlin) Enhanced neutron-pair transfer in the system 206Pb+118Sn
J. Ollier (Paisley) The yrast spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei produced in deep-inelastic processes
T. Otsuka (Tokio) Shell model results for exotic nuclei
C.M. Petrache (Camerino) The origin of the doublet bands observed in A~130 nuclei
M. Pfützner (Warshaw) Nuclear structure close to 78Ni
A. Poves (Madrid) Spherical shell model description of deformation and superdeformation
I. Ragnarsson (Lund) Complete spectroscopy in high-spin cranking calculations
N. Redon (Lyon) Superdeformed nuclear matter in nuclei with Z~82: magnetic properties and neutron shell gap
D. Rudolph (Lund) High-resolution in-beam particle-gamma coincidence spectroscopy
H. Scheit (Heidelberg) First gamma-rays from radioactive beams at rex-ISOLDE
M. Stanoiu (Ganil) Double step fragmentation, a powerful tool for the investigation of last bound nuclei
Y. Sun (Knoxville) Projected shell model study on nuclei near the N=Z line
C.A. Ur (Padova) The N~Z f7/2-shell nuclei: experimental highlights
E. Vigezzi (Milano) Superfluidity in the inner crust of neutron stars
D. Vretenar (Zagreb-München) Relativistic mean-field and RPA description of exotic nuclear structure
R. Wadsworth (York) High-spin structure of N~Z nuclei in the A~72 region
N. Warr (Köln) MINIBALL: the first gamma-ray spectrometer using segmented, encapsulated germanium detectors for studies with radioactive beams
J. Wrzesinski (Kracow) The ni13/2-2 ph11/2-1 three-hole isomeric state and octupole core excitation in the 205Tl nucleus
R. Wyss (Stockholm) N=Z nuclei: a probe to the isospin dependence of short range correlations

Lise Meitner Prize for Nuclear Science - Year 2002
The LISE MEITNER Prize 2002 for Nuclear Science of the European Physical Society, sponsored by EURISYS MESURES, is given to James Philip Elliott, University of Sussex, UK and Francesco Iachello, Yale University, USA


The Prize will be awarded with two brief ceremonies on Monday morning, September 23, at the INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, and on Friday morning, September 27, at the historical "Palazzo del Bo", University of Padova.

Contributions and Proceedings   
The book of abstracts, with all received contributions, will be distributed to all participants at the beginning of the Conference. Proceedings of the Conference, including both invited talks and selected oral presentations, will be published. All registered participants will receive a copy after the Conference.

The conference proceedings will be published by the Springer Publishing company. The invited and oral contributions will be published as a special issue of European Physical Journal A. The one-volume conference proceedings will contain a reprint of the articles from this special issue of European Physical Journal A.

The contributions should be limited to a maximum of 6 pages (article format) for invited talks and 2 pages (short note format) for selected oral presentations.

Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts can be found from the web site of the European Physical Journal A. The format for all contributions should be LaTex according to the EPJA specifications.

Important: the option "referee" in the \documentclass, found at the beginning of the template, should be removed in order to obtain the correct layout and check the number of pages.

Contributions should be submitted before October 31, 2002 to the conference organizers (, not to Springer Publishing !

A poster session is foreseen on Thursday afternoon, September 26. All posters may be displayed already on the first day. The poster layout is 84 x 119 cm (i.e. portrait A0 format). All participants presenting a poster will find a panel with the title and the authors of their contribution.

The registration fee is 290 Euro if paid before June 30, 2002. After that date the fee will be 330 Euro.

The fee will cover the book of abstracts, the proceedings, coffee breaks, bus transfer to and from Legnaro and the excursion on Wednesday, September 25, 2002.

The fee may also be paid cash at the reception desk open at the historical "Caffé Pedrocchi" on Sunday, September 22 from 18:00 to 20:00 and at the conference registration desk on Monday, September 23 before and during the morning session.

Participants will be accommodated in various hotels in Padova. All information about accommodation and hotel reservation will be emailed after registration. The deadline for hotel reservation is July 15, 2002. Bus transportation to and from Legnaro will be provided during the Conference: the time table and meeting points can be downloaded as PDF file (file size 1 MB).

All participants can have lunch at the canteen of the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The tickets should be purchased at the reception desk on Sunday evening or at the conference registration desk on Monday morning.

A full day excursion, included in the Conference fee, is foreseen on Wednesday, September 25.

The "Burchiello" boat cruise, will take us from Padova, along the Brenta River and the Venice Lagoon, to Piazza San Marco. You will be able to admire quaint villages and ancient bridges including endless Palladian mansions. Andrea Di Pietro, known as Palladio, is known as the last great architect of the Renaissance. His work is famous throughout Europe with a style characterized by simple and symmetrical forms and harmonious facades. We will stop and visit some beautiful villas along the way.

Lunch will be served during the cruise.

The ticket for accompanying persons can be purchased at the reception desk on Sunday evening or at the conference registration desk on Monday morning.

Social evening
A visit to the "Cappella degli Scrovegni" is planned on Friday evening, September 27. The frescoes in the interior of the chapel were made by Giotto and his staff between 1303 and 1305. This cycle of paintings narrates episodes of the lives of the Virgin and Jesus Christ, ending up with the impressive Last Judgement on the counter facade. A strip running along the lower part of the side walls is decorated with a series of Vices and Virtues. On the high altar you'll see The Virgin and Child and Two Angels, by the sculptor Giovanni Pisano.

The tickets, only a limited number will be available and offered by the Conference organization, should be reserved at the reception desk on Sunday evening or at the conference registration desk.

Important deadlines
Deadline to submit Abstracts May 15th, 2002
Deadline for Registration and Reduced Fee June 30th, 2002
Deadline for Hotel reservation July 15th, 2002
Deadline to submit Proceeding Contributions October 31th, 2002