CALL for PROPOSALS for the period May 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

The deadline for proposals submission is  January 21, 2022


          Proposals must be submitted via web at the link on-line submission form to apply for beam time at the AN2000 or CN accelerators.

         For planning at best the workload of the LNL target Laboratory, please fill in the TARGET REQUEST FORM at proposal submission.
         Late Target Request Forms submission or any other late request will be subject to approval by the LNL target Laboratory responsible and in low priority compatible with the work-load of the laboratory.

           Please use the WORD TEMPLATE file for the proposal available here

          The maximum length of the proposal must be limited to a maximum of 5 pages ("times new roman" 12pt font) - tables, figures and references included and must contain:

  1. the title and acronym of the proposal
  2. the name(s) of the spokesperson(s)
  3. the list of all the authors and their affiliation
  4. a brief abstract of the proposal
  5. the proposal description

NEW PROPOSALS: the proposal must include:

a) scientific motivation for the experiment
b) indication of expected results
c) number of days of beam time requested, based on reliable estimates
d) description of the experimental apparata and ion- beams characteristics needed to perform the experiment.

CONTINUATION EXPERIMENTS: the proposal must include:

a) a clear report on the status of the project
b) a summary of the beam time already assigned and how it was used
c) the results achieved in comparison to international research
d) a list of publications related to the experiment
e) the progress expected from new runs
f) the number of days of beam time requested, based on reliable estimates.



List of available beams


Only Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files will be accepted.



Oral presentation of the proposals (10 minutes + 10 minutes discussion) is required. The PAC may require oral presentation also to “continuation” experiments, that should contain previously obtained results, if applicable.

Valentino Rigato
Sci. Coordinator of CN and AN2000 accelerators


For Any information on proposals submission,
please contact the TARI Secretarial Staff at
or the webmaster (for technical problems) at


Other forms

Requirements for obtaining authorization to operate the AN2000 accelerator of the LNL outside normal working hours 

- Template

Requirements for obtaining authorization to operate the CN accelerator of the LNL outside normal working hours

- Template

- new CN shutdown procedure



Radiation Protection/Responsibility declaration.

The Responsibility Declaration (used also as unique form for the request of radioactive sources and dosemeters) is available at the address "Declaration of Responsibility". For further information please contact the Radiation Protection Service (Daniela Zane - +39-049-8068322, fax +39-049-8068889, The form must be sent at least a week before any specific run.

Access to LNL

Please, remember that the access to LNL is subordinate to having obtained the access authorization and complied with the current rules in the field of radioprotection for all the people involved in the experiment. Please, refer to this link "Access to LNL" or contact the Direction Secretariat Service (S. Pezzin, +39-049-8068521, fax +39-049-8068514,